A memoir to the fallen

Excerpts from a poem written by my brother Joel Jaffe in memory of those who sacrificed their lives during Operation Pillar of Defense.

Death makes man to hero, hero to legend, legend to inspiration,                                                                                                                Inspiration to bring about a change In mankind as a whole.
Men devoted to a service, cause, and country.
These men become statues, but not of concrete or bronze;
Beacons of light for ships lost or looking for shore.

They are paintings, but not of canvas;
Reflections, but not mirrors.
To bring about a change in the human race cannot come from mere flesh and bones,
But ideas, and strength, and honor, and valor.
To call these men heroes heroes does not due them justice,
As halls of fame must be supported by pillars.
They may be cloaked, all but lost in the shadows of those who do not know what their life was about-
– but I may swear,
by the blood that courses through my veins,
This warrior will not be forgotten
by those who call themselves
his brother-in-arms.

(Daily Prompt) CNN: Corrupt, Nefarious News

Daily Prompt: CNN: Corrupt News


CNN makes me mad. Brutally and passionately angry.

By now, most of you have probably heard of the rockets that have rained down on Israel since the beginning of this week. In fact, maybe you’ve even heard of the 14,000+ rockets that have terrorized Israel since 2005, when Israel granted Gaza its own state.

Yesterday, Israel finally decided to defend itself. As Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “No country in the world would accept such a situation where rockets are fired at one fifth of its citizens.”

No one cared about the damage Hamas inflicted on Israeli civilians and infrastructure since they began firing rockets into southern Israel on Tuesday. And yet, when Israel defends itself, carefully targeting terrorists to avoid killing Palestinian civilians, the world gets worked up into a frenzy for the justice to Palestinian civilians. No innocent people should be killed, and I don’t deny that and I’m truly sorry for their losses. But why was no one sorry for the losses Israel endured until Obama and Tony Blair finally came out today and gave Israel the green light to defend itself?

Besides, what other country needs a green light to DEFEND itself against terrorists?

After these statements, CNN and Fox objectified their articles a little more, citing both sides and portraying their thoughts and feelings. Yet CNN is still mostly showing pictures of the damage inflicted to Palestinian infrastructure and citizens. Don’t tell me they couldn’t find a single shred of evidence from the hundreds of rockets fired into Israel this week.

They waited for someone to finally speak on the matter to objectify their articles. Why should they wait for celebrities to speak out their position to write an objective article on the middle east? Where do their moral and journalistic principles lie?

In what other discipline is inconsistency so valued?

CNN must have forgotten that SPJ dictates objective and unbiased reporting.

Oh wait. They just don’t care.