Short story: The Day the Axis Fell

It’s been over two years since I’ve posted, and I’m pretty impressed that I remembered my login.

I wrote a short story a month ago – more like flash fiction – that I feel ready to share with the world. It was written mostly on the subway, on the 5 train from Brooklyn –> Manhattan –> Queens on a Saturday night, inspired by recently reading a collection of short stories and the colorful slew of conversation and eclectic people who surrounded me.

Without further ado…


The Day the Axis Fell

Compared to no one in particular, your life is fairly average. It’s not wonderful but isn’t dismal either like some of your friends who got married young, had kids and divorced within two years.

Your morning coffee and evening wine coincide with the ebb and flow of endless, winding time. You learn to like alone time and go to work and plays and come home and go to sleep and do it again, but maybe without the plays because those are a luxury and you can’t really afford them often.

And one day your world tilts on its axis like crazy because you’ve fallen madly, wildly in love. And you didn’t expect it and it came from nowhere and you’re happy and scared but mostly the deep eternal sadness that sits within you has sunken too far deep that it’s buried 6 feet under.

You smile on the subway and smile to strangers and work your hardest because everything is important with purpose and matters. And you go to poetry slams together and marvel at the rhythm of the words that wash over you both because you share a love of the melody of language.

But one day your axis tilts a little more, and this time it’s unbalanced. You don’t know if it’s the change in gravity’s pull or the sun shining too strong or the earth’s forces finally speaking and pulling you home but it’s not the same.

And you continue loving and you’re happy because what matter is unsteadiness when you have each other to hold on to?

One day the axis slips. You feel yourself falling and don’t know what’s happening. The earth is flat and you’re falling off opposite ends and you reach out your hand for help but your love isn’t there because he’s falling himself.

You make contact and pull him back on the earth but in your haste you turn too quickly and your movement is too fast and he slips.

And as you watch he begins falling into the stars that brought you together and is burned by the sun and you watch, you can only watch as your love that defied gravity and nature and fate is instantly shuttered and extinguished in the universe where you could never exist together.

The people of earth light torches and chase you off their section of earth because you’re a murderess who must be burned at the stake. The flowers have wilted and the trees are scarred because of your sins but the earth is smooth because of the human that scraped its jagged edges when he fell off the earth.

But you’re still here and there are people with torches so you flee and wander the ends of the earth in search of meaning and something you can’t put your finger on but you destroyed everything that didn’t belong to you and you must live with that. And you cope and you walk and you wander but tell yourself that all who wander are not lost because it’s a phase, only a phase and you killed your love but it’s not your fault.

You turn to the moon that sat a quiet observer and cry to her and ask why she wasn’t there for light when you needed her as you were falling. She asks where you were when she wanted to shine light on the world and you blocked it with your shadow.

You didn’t know; you couldn’t have known and you’re sorry and tears fall but your shadow blocked the moon from earth’s people and she can’t help you now. You’re stranded some place between time and fate and the people have cast you out and you’re utterly alone but you like it this way, don’t you?

Don’t you?