Poem: mashup of the best songs ever written

Someone told me long ago there’s a calm before the storm

I know, it’s been comin’ for some time

Well I heard the news that you were back in town, passin’ through, to claim your lost and found

Well you got nerve to waltz right in, and claim what’s mine is yours again

And oh my God, is this really what you want? Would you tell us if it’s not, and would you rewrite the plot?

I’d give all this and heaven too if only for a moment where I could just understand…

These days we go to waste like wine, that’s turned to turpentine

Darlin’, pardon me, can you help me remember…when we were flicker and flame, yeah we burned ’til the morning…darlin’, pardon me

The days and nights are killing me, the light and dark are still in me, but there’s an anger on the beach, so let the wind blow hard, and be the fallin’ stars

On sleepless roads, the sleepless go

Dream walkin’, little talkin’, she’s calling my name again

There’s a symphony of silence down on the street, and all of this noise makes my head ring.

Time is all I own, and time won’t stop replaying over in my mind. I watch the hours slow down

Time, no it ain’t on our side. I’m the truth to your lie, numb your tears when you cry

Chances are the fascination, chances won’t escape from me, chances are only what we make them

And just when we believed we could be great, reality it permeates, and conquers from within

I crossed over lines and I broke all the rules and baby I broke them all for you

And it was not your fault but mine, and it was your heart on the line, I really fucked it up this time, didn’t I my dear?

Go west young man, haven’t you been told? California’s full of whiskey, women and gold

Sleepin’ out all night beneath the desert stars, with a dream in my eye, and a prayer in my heart

Never want to grow up, never want to slow down. We were shinin’ like lighters in the dark in the middle of a rock show

We were laughin’ and lovin’ and drinkin’ and wishin’ and thinkin’ as that checkered flag was wavin’

You got my heart racin’ like there’s nothing to it…fallin’ in love to the beat of the music

And I said hey pretty lady won’t you gimme a sign?

I’ll do anything to make you mine, all mine

I want you to walk with me, over this wire, from tower to tower

Chances come and carry me, chances are waiting to be taken

And all I can taste is this moment, and all I can breathe is your love.

We warmed the ground we hushed ourselves, we slept on walkin’ feet

I know I ask perfection of a quite imperfect world

And I ask the lord, every night, for just another day in paradise.




Know what songs these are? What do you think of my poem? Drop a note for me in the comments!


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