A memoir to the fallen

Excerpts from a poem written by my brother Joel Jaffe in memory of those who sacrificed their lives during Operation Pillar of Defense.

Death makes man to hero, hero to legend, legend to inspiration,                                                                                                                Inspiration to bring about a change In mankind as a whole.
Men devoted to a service, cause, and country.
These men become statues, but not of concrete or bronze;
Beacons of light for ships lost or looking for shore.

They are paintings, but not of canvas;
Reflections, but not mirrors.
To bring about a change in the human race cannot come from mere flesh and bones,
But ideas, and strength, and honor, and valor.
To call these men heroes heroes does not due them justice,
As halls of fame must be supported by pillars.
They may be cloaked, all but lost in the shadows of those who do not know what their life was about-
– but I may swear,
by the blood that courses through my veins,
This warrior will not be forgotten
by those who call themselves
his brother-in-arms.

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