What other country would tolerate this?


“What other country would tolerate this?”

What other sovereign nation in the world would allow such a blatant violation of its borders and its security without a full-scale response? Targeted reprisals are a start, but they fall short of the response such attacks require. Part of the reason for Israel’s measured actions is that Israel is held to a standard that no other country in the world is called upon to uphold, and Israel values the world’s opinion.

The world calls on Israel time and again to “exercise restraint” in the face of baseless attacks on its population, and to this I ask but one question: “Under what precedent?”

-Israeli soldier who wished to remain anonymous


2 thoughts on “What other country would tolerate this?

  1. ephesians413 says:

    I don’t understand why people don’t think about this. If somehow Canada were doing this to the U.S., we’d be bombing back in an instant … and without any green light from any other country. Thank God, Canada is a great neighbor! What would it be like to live surrounded by countries that want to kill you? We should pray for Israel and put pressure on Hamas to stop.

  2. I like your line “without any green light from any other country.” I wholeheartedly agree, and I can’t understand why the media distorts the news, unless the reason is they have an agenda.
    Thankfully, the president has recognized Israel’s right to self-defense, although in my opinion, it’s pathetic we even feel the need to justify it.

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