Weekend Recap

It really is the “little things” in life.

After 25 hours of fasting, and then tanking up, I felt unbelievably motivated and energized, and couldn’t wait for the week to begin so that I could jumpstart everything I had to do. I was finally able to trim my bangs, which made me incredibly happy because they are no longer long, limp, strands of hair falling in my face. 
Then this morning I found a praying mantis on the window. These unique little critters sit and “pray” for hours at a time. We can probably take a lesson, eh?
After I prayed next to the praying mantis on the window, I FINALLY listened to music. For some reason, these past three weeks have felt longer than every sefira of my life combined. The first song? Piano Man. After last Shabbat’s “in-home-concert” lunch, I’ve been craving Billy Joel’s music. (For some reason we were musically-inspired last week: as a family we sang oldies songs, country, and any other family favorites around the table, and as a last-ditch attempt we’ve been listening to these songs in the acapella version. It kills it.) 
Next song? Summer Highland Falls. Two of the best, ever. Hands down. 
Oh, and laundry! How could I forget the joys of abundant clean clothes? 
All of these things are adding to up to one big happy camper! 🙂
(Not the best picture, but it gives you an idea.)

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