Transportation Perspirations, Part II

I’ll preface this by adding that at least I don’t have my dad’s old commute to work, from Silver Spring to Chantilly, VA. He’s claimed for years that when the kids are grown he’s “getting the hell outta the DC area because of the damn traffic.” I guess he jumped the gun.

As promised, there is a sequel to my adventures on the Z8 bus.

The very next day I had the car back, and I had just parked at work in the Metro parking garage, and was about to turn off the radio, when a traffic announcement caught my attention.

There was a bus on fire in the heart of downtown Silver Spring, right near…the Metro. That was interesting. I got out of the car and immediately smelled smoke, as sirens began to scream.

As I exited the garage, the air was hazy with smog and smoke. I walked into the street, and saw onlookers congregating around firemen as they began to cordon off the street. I turned the corner and saw a shrunken, smoking, melting bus. Unsure if there was another way to get to my office building, I tried hopping over the wall and seeing if there was some passage through the vast, eternal construction of the new Metro station plaguing downtown. There wasn’t, and a “no trespassing” sign scared me off.

So I walked all the way around, and it took longer, but I did make it to work, grateful that I hadn’t taken the bus that day. The Metro Service took 37 buses out of service, and they are all still not operating.

Just another wonderful commute in the DC area.

2 thoughts on “Transportation Perspirations, Part II

  1. Aviva,
    Although this was pretty bad, NOTHING parallels Jerusalem!
    One time in Israel, I boarded a really crowded bus, and the bottom of my (long) skirt got stuck in the door. I pointed to the driver, who shrugged and wouldn’t stop until the next scheduled stop.
    With a chafetz chashud nearly every day, major things don’t happen there often (thank G-d!). But when they do, they always make a great story.

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